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Information about Holland Companie possibilities

Our organization aims at entrepreneurs to be faster and cheaper service when buying or selling companies.

In our current information age, where time and money are important factors, entrepreneurs must be able to adequately respond to expected and unexpected situations.

One can then choose to create a new company for example, to develop a new activity, to enter into a partnership or a restart after bankruptcy.

Also, one can think of retirement. In that case, the company is usually liquidated. However, this entails additional costs involved. This is also a time consuming procedure. Here you must keep your records for several years.

When selling the company have income just in case of costs. On disposal, you do not hold your records and you need to follow a time-consuming procedure.

There are also many entrepreneurs who set up a company or buy there, for whatever reason, do not operate in. This brings with it costs involved. For example, every year

Commercial contribution and you need to get set the balance. The fact that company is not running does not relieve you of the obligation.

These costs include, inter alia, the annual contribution to the Chamber, but also draw up a balance sheet by an auditor.

Again, it means instead of expenses in selling the BV will generate the correct output.

In all these cases, our organization can contribute by purchasing your company or sell your company.

You can free, without any charge place a company search in our system for a company, or you  can also offer your business to us.

We will exercise the utmost care and confidentiality. Your information will not be made known to third parties without your permission.

Your privacy is guaranteed.

Start on time with the salable

The interests associated with the sale of a company are great. And the tax is ready to collect. If you are late with your preparations, it then can be costly.

What is bought?

Information about what is traded at Holland Company.


Professional and discreet acquisition of mediation between the deceased and the transferee.  Anyone who is considering stopping work soon will run into the question: liquidate or sell the company.

What steps do I need to take to prepare or dissolve my company sales and what are the opportunities and the possible stumbling blocks as transferees. Helping you well guided during the takeover process by Holland Company professionals is a haven for you in the complicated acquisition process.

Buy BV

Sale of assets and liabilities or shares of the company on the sale of a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a company under company (VoF) or limited partnership (CV)

As an entrepreneur you are usually too busy. We guide you completely in the termination of your private company. The last stage, the cancellation of your BV, we have clearly set out in a step-by-step plan. With your name, the name of your BV and the Chamber of Commerce number we can prepare all required legal documents.

Buy GmbH

The Kapitalertragsteuer rate can even be reduced to 0% on the sale of the GmbH on the basis of the European dividend payment of the parent subsidiary directive.

The sale of a GmbH is a core component of Holland Company. For most owners, the sale of their GmbH is a completely new experience. Benefit therefore from the experience and knowledge of an experienced partner to prevent formal mistakes or unnecessary risks being taken in the takeover agreement.

Sell without worries

Holland Company fully controls the takeover of your business. Bring your company anonymously to the attention of potential buyers. We have a huge database with buyers and sellers

Whatever type and form of company you want to sell, the sale of a company remains a complex process, regardless of the legal form. Advisors at Holland Company are happy to advise you and guide you with our experience and expertise in the successful sale.
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